FilterLogic FL-ZAX3 compatible with Zip Hydrotap ZT402 91290 [ZAX3]
FilterLogic FL-ZAX3 compatible with Zip Hydrotap ZT402 91290
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The FilterLogic ZAX3 filter is designed to replace the 'New' Zip Hydrotap filter ZT402(part number 91290).

Instant hot water taps have become increasingly more popular over the last few years, mainly thanks to advances in heat retention technology which can make these cheaper to run than 'boiling kettles' on demand. Likewise, they are commonly found in restaurant and fast food kitchens, as they provide a quick and reliable method of producing virtually boiling water for cooking and cleaning applications.

These appliances suffer badly from limescale damage, and virtually all of them are supplied with a water filter system to prevent scale formation wthin the appliance.

The Zip system, very popular through Western Europe, is one of the leading brands of hot water tap - Maintenance and servicing of these units though can be very expensive, with cartridges costing up to £100 each retail.

The FilterLogic ZAX3 filter provides a low-cost, economic alternative, which is guaranteed to offer your appliance the same level of protection as the manufacturers OEM filter.

This cartridge should be replaced every six months.