FilterLogic FL402 Compatible with Brita Maxtra (4 Pack) [FL402/4]
FilterLogic FL402 Compatible with Brita Maxtra (4 Pack)
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The FL402 filter cartridges effectively remove impurities from your water which can affect the taste and smell, including chlorine.

The FL402 fits all products which use the Brita Maxtra (TM) cartridges. The filters also come with our unique FOB which allows the cartridges to fit jugs which have a restrictor valve.

The cartridge uses multiple stages of filtration to ensure you have crystal clear water for both hot and cold drinks. Each cartridge will filter approximately 150 litres of water and last around 1 month. This four pack will last approximately 4 months.

Our new app – FilterLogic is available to download from the iStore or Google Play store as well as being available for Windows phones. The app allows you to check the life left in your filter as well as other product information and FilterLogic news.