What is in Your Dog's Bowl?

We often see and hear about which water bottles, plates, cutlery we should or shouldn't be using because of BPA used in the plastics to make them but how often do we hear about BPA in our pet bowls?

Many people don't give this a thought as we feed our pets or change their water in their bowl. For example many people will just give a water bowl a quick rinse, afterall, it's water bowl so how dirty can it be?

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Well, very apparently. A pet bowl is amongst can be one of the worst places in our homes for carrying bacteria. 

Plastic bowls can be bad for your pets because they can cause a condition called Plastic Dish Nasal Dermatitis. This condition causes a loss of pigmentation on the nose and can also affect the mouth of the animal. It can also cause dry, chapped and cracked skin.

Plastic bowls are also prone to scratches and these scratched are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. 

Some suggest the ceramic bowls are better for our pets but unfortunately, pet bowls don't have to meet the same food safe standards as products intended for human use.

The other option in stainless steel bowls but again, these still have to be cleaned properly to protect our pets. 

Ideally, your pet bowls should be washed with hot water and antibacterial dish soap to protect your animals.

If this something that you have ever given much thought to? Are you someone who just rinses the water bowl? Does your pet have a plastic bowl? Please leave your comments below.

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September 03, 2018
In: Health
Tags: pets, bowl, Plastic, BPA, dermatitis


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