UK Water Efficiency Awards 2014

There is more and more pressure on us all to be more efficient. We want more efficient homes, efficient belongings such as smartphones and televisions, we are now more aware of the impact of our actions on the environment and we are now recognising the need to be more efficient in our water usage. Monday saw the UK Water Efficiency Awards take place at the WWF Living Planet Centre. At the event, the Environment Agency and Waterwise gave recognition to businesses and organisations going the extra mile to save water. The awards were given in various categories including; Campaigns & Education, Farming & Horticulture and Business & Industry. The event is sponsored by OfWat and Aquafund and a full list of the winners can be found on the Waterwise website. In the Campaigns and Education category, the winner was The European Water Label. This idea is similar to the energy efficiency labels you would see on household appliances, such as washing machines and tumble dryers. The scheme lists products which when installed and used correctly, will use less water. Broughgammon Farm won the Farming & Horticulture award. The farm uses two 10,000 litre rain water harvesting systems for all non-potable water on the farm, including dish-washing and toilet flushing. Broughgammon also use low flow appliances and have a water management plan in place. They hope to install more rain water harvesting equipment in the coming year to further increase their water efficiency. The Water In House Display from Anglian Water and Green Energy Options scooped the award for Innovation. The display is similar to energy meters you can get for electricity and gas but instead measures water usage. The idea being that when the user can see how much they are using, they can look for ways to cut their usage and save more water. 11,300 customers had the devices installed in their homes and on average they saved 9 litres per day, cutting overall demand by 4%. The technology may be extended to email, smart phone apps and social media. Speaking about the awards, Trevor Bishop - Deputy Director of Water Resources at the Environment Agency said;
"There are enormous savings - both financial and environmental - to be made by saving water. Those businesses implementing water efficiency measures will be better prepared for future pressures such as climate and population change."
It is good to hear that so many companies are doing all they can to become water efficient whilst encouraging others to do the same. I think there are plenty of things we can all do in our own homes to become more water efficient. Many of the local water authorities have tips on saving more water on their websites. Tips include things such as - remember to turn the tap off when brushing, shower instead bathing. All simple instructions which many of us forget to do everyday. Last month we talked about Gabi H2O, the cartoon character brought to life by Waterwise alongside United Utilities and Southern Water. Gabi the camel has shared water saving tips with the children of the United Kingdom. What measures do you take to save water in your own home? Dripping tap
June 20, 2014
In: Industry News
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