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Rio 2016 Plagued by Problems

Posted By: ADMIN, 05 August 2016, 0 COMMENTS
Tags: Rio, Olympics, Brazil, Rio 2016, Zika, water, Murder, Protest, Team GB, Freak Waves
This is our 100th blog post and today is the day of the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics. The lead up to the event has been filled with controversy, with doping allegations, athletes being banned. This is just concerning the athletes themselves, there are also serious concerns over violence, gun crime and attacks are common with around 60,000 people murdered in 2014 alone...
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Obama Visits Flint

Posted By: ADMIN, 13 May 2016, 0 COMMENTS
Tags: Flint, Michigan, Rick Snyder, President Obama, Barack Obama, Lead, Poisoning, water, Legionnaires Disease, Governor Snyder
It's been a while since we had an update on the Flint water crisis in America and last week President Obama was in the Michigan city to give a speech after a school girl wrote him a letter asking him to visit. Mari Copeny is just eight years old and is known locally as Little Miss Flint as she can often be seen at rallies wearing a tiara and t-shirt emblazoned with the words "Flint Lives Matter"...

What's Your Water Footprint?

Posted By: ADMIN, 22 April 2016, 0 COMMENTS
Tags: water, Water Footprint, Levi's, Levi Strauss, Waterless Clothing, Waterless
What do you think water means to businesses? A restaurant for example uses a lot of water right? But what about an IT company? do you think they use a lot of water? Whilst it may not be the first type of business you think of, the IT industry can actually use a huge amount of water. Even clothing companies use a lot of water to produce materials...
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Can We Expect Water Wars?

Posted By: ADMIN, 15 April 2016, 0 COMMENTS
Tags: India, Groundwater, Protests, Drought, water, Monsoon
We often hear about water shortages and droughts but do we ever think what these shortages could actually cause other than fields of dead crops, unwashed clothes and thirsty people? There is a worry in India that the severe water shortages being experienced could result in all out war. The country has monsoon season but the last two season's have produced less water than normal...
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Songkran Festival

Posted By: ADMIN, 18 March 2016, 0 COMMENTS
Tags: Songkran Festival, Thailand, water, Water Fight, Waste, Conserve
The Thai water festivalĀ is just around the corner and as part of the traditional celebration, a huge water fight usually takes place over four days but things will be different this year. As much of the country is suffering from severe drought, officials have said that a 9pm curfew will be imposed and the event will be cut down from four days to three in a show of solidarity to the country's farmers...