What is in Your Dog's Bowl?

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Tags: pets, bowl, Plastic, BPA, dermatitis
We often see and hear about which water bottles, plates, cutlery we should or shouldn't be using because of BPA used in the plastics to make them but how often do we hear about BPA in our pet bowls? Many people don't give this a thought as we feed our pets or change their water in their bowl. For example many people will just give a water bowl a quick rinse, afterall, it's water bowl so how dirty can it be? Well, very apparently...
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Plastic Beaches

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Tags: Plastic, Beaches, Pollution, British waters, rubbish, Recycling, Blue Planet, BBC, Sir David Attenborough
When was the last time you went to a beach in the UK? Did you notice rubbish? Plastic bottles, bags and more washed up on the shore. The problem does not effect just the UK but everywhere, bits of plastic are either left or dropped to wash up on our beaches and sit there until it is moved. A single plastic bottle can take around 450 years to fully break down and decompose in the sea...

Ban on Microbeads

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Tags: Microbeads, Ban, Plastic, Gorvernment, Cosmetics, Cleaning, Environment, Greenpeace, Petition
We have previously written about microbeads used in toiletries and beauty products and how they cause a huge problem in the world's oceans and seas. Finally, the media seem to be taking notice and the Government are doing something about it. Firstly, what is a microbead? It is exactly as the name suggests - a micro sized bead and they are made from plastic...

Are You Washing Your Face With Plastic?

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Tags: Plastic, Microplastic, Microbeads, Great Lakes, Water Pollution, water, Marine, Facial Scrub
How many of you have used a product with "microbeads"? Found in a number of products from toothpaste to facial scrubs, these tiny beads promise us whiter teeth and smoother skin from their abrasive qualities. It is believed that they were invented by Willis J Beach in 1972 for use in cleansers but they became more popular in the 1990's used in face scrubs...

WaterAid at Glastonbury

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As festival-goers are watching headliners; Metallica on the Pyramid stage at Glasto 2014, there will be much more going on around the site. Over the years, Glastonbury has become so much more than just a mud bath with music. WaterAid will be back as a nominated charity, sharing information and awareness about safe water and sanitation...