Dehydration and Drink Driving

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Which do you think is worse - having a drink of alcohol before you drive or having nothing at all to drink? A study out last month has found that even when just slightly de-hydrated, driving skills can become impaired. The study carried out by Loughborough University carried out several tests and found that those who drank just 25ml of water per hour, made double the mistakes of those who were well hydrated...

What is Bill Gates Drinking?

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Bill Gates wrote a blog article earlier this month about new technology being used to turn human waste into drinking water. It isn't as odd as it sounds, really, we already drink recycled water. Water is constantly going around the same water cycle. This is not the first time we have seen this idea being put into practise but I found this interesting as it led me to the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation (MBGF)...