Irish Water

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As of 1st October, people living in the Republic of Ireland will have to pay water charges for the first time. Irish Water was formed last year as the Public Water System that was in place is no longer sustainable. It had been costing 1.2 billion Euro, with one billion of that money coming straight from the Exchequer. It was this lack of sustainability and a reduction in investments that has shown the weaknesses in the previous system...
Food and Drink Recipes

The Perfect Cuppa

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The British love a cuppa, many of us believe that tea fixes everything and many turn to our trusty kettles in times of need. It's not just us Brits who love tea, there are even websites dedicated to the subject of tea, yes, really. I drink several cups of tea each day. I prefer good old tea bags with two sugars and milk...

Why Install a Water Softener?

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Do you live in a hard water area? Have you ever considered installing a water softener but never knew where to start? What does it mean to have hard / soft water? The amount of dissolved mineral ions in water decide whether the water is classed as hard or soft. The types of rocks found in different areas will also have an impact how hard / soft water is in the area...

Hot Tub Maintenance

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Are you lucky enough to own your own spa or hot tub? In 2012 it was revealed that the top purchase for lottery winners in the UK was a hot tub with 29% treating themselves! So, if you are lucky enough to own one, are you aware of the importance of properly cleaning and maintaining your little piece of luxury? To anyone who has never had to maintain a hot tub, it will probably seem like there isn't much to do other than fill it with water and start the party! In fact, quite a bit of work goes in to maintaining a hot tub or spa! There's buying, installing and cleaning the correct filter, choosing which sanitizer, getting the right dosage of sanitizer, getting the pH balance right so that your eye balls don't sting - blood-shot eyes tend to ruin the atmosphere a little, especially when you had planned a romantic evening...

Water, Hair and Skin

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Have you ever thought about what's in your water and how this could be affecting your hair and skin? I am sure most of the women reading this will have had bad hair days - when no matter how much expensive product you treat your hair to, it still looks a bit, well - rubbish! There are several things in our water supply that could be contributing to that bad hair day or dry skin...