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Water Saving Week 2017

Posted By: ADMIN, 21 March 2017, 0 COMMENTS
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This week is Water Saving Week 2017, the third annual event and coincides with World Water Day. There has never been a better time to give more thought to how we use water and how much we use. Chances are, if you are reading this, you probably have access to a supply of clean, constant water that is safe to drink and it most likely, doesn't cross your mind that one day, you may not have it...
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The Rainhouse by IVANKA

Posted By: ADMIN, 21 May 2014, 0 COMMENTS
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Ivanka is a Budapest-based company specialising in designer concrete. Yes, you read correctly. Designer concrete. The company has worked on a number of diverse projects including a skatepark in Budakalasz - Hungary, the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, creating a concrete car interior for the BMW 1 series - even clothes and handbags! Ivanka's Flaster floor tile range is hugely popular and has won the company many awards...