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Should We Drink More Water?

Posted By: ADMIN, 23 September 2016, 0 COMMENTS
Tags: Hilary Clinton, water, Dehydration
How much water do you drink each day? How much water do you think you should be drinking each day? We have spoken before about how the recommendation used to be 8 glasses per day but how many of us actually drink that?   A news story recently revealed how Hilary Clinton does not like to drink so much water and suffers dehydration because of her dislike of it...

Dehydration and Drink Driving

Posted By: ADMIN, 29 May 2015, 0 COMMENTS
Tags: Alcohol, Drink Driving, water, Dehydration, Loughborough University
Which do you think is worse - having a drink of alcohol before you drive or having nothing at all to drink? A study out last month has found that even when just slightly de-hydrated, driving skills can become impaired. The study carried out by Loughborough University carried out several tests and found that those who drank just 25ml of water per hour, made double the mistakes of those who were well hydrated...