What is in Your Dog's Bowl?

Posted By: ADMIN, 03 September 2018, 0 COMMENTS
Tags: pets, bowl, Plastic, BPA, dermatitis
We often see and hear about which water bottles, plates, cutlery we should or shouldn't be using because of BPA used in the plastics to make them but how often do we hear about BPA in our pet bowls? Many people don't give this a thought as we feed our pets or change their water in their bowl. For example many people will just give a water bowl a quick rinse, afterall, it's water bowl so how dirty can it be? Well, very apparently...
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Are You BPA Aware?

Posted By: ADMIN, 02 May 2014, 0 COMMENTS
Tags: BPA, water, Chemical, BPA Free, Plastic, Packaging
Have you heard of Bisphenol A? You might have heard of this referred to as BPA, you may not have heard of it at all! You are quite likely to have come into contact with it though. BPA is a chemical compound used to make certain plastics and resins. It is present in some of the following; plastic water jugs and bottles, plastic cutlery, takeaway containers and used as a liner in metal food and drink cans/tins...