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Plastic Beaches

Posted By: ADMIN, 20 November 2017, 0 COMMENTS
Tags: Plastic, Beaches, Pollution, British waters, rubbish, Recycling, Blue Planet, BBC, Sir David Attenborough
When was the last time you went to a beach in the UK? Did you notice rubbish? Plastic bottles, bags and more washed up on the shore. The problem does not effect just the UK but everywhere, bits of plastic are either left or dropped to wash up on our beaches and sit there until it is moved. A single plastic bottle can take around 450 years to fully break down and decompose in the sea...

The Not So Blue Planet

Posted By: ADMIN, 12 February 2016, 0 COMMENTS
Tags: World, Drought, Earth, Planet, Blue Planet, Geology, Fresh Water, Water Shortage, California
Our planet is often called "The Blue Planet" due to the water covering a large amount of the surface but an image created by the US Geological Survey demonstrates just how little water we actually have. The picture shows all the water in the world collected in a spherical drop over America. This includes all oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, glaciers and underground water, even the water which makes up living things...
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Groundwater Replenishment Schemes

Posted By: ADMIN, 24 June 2014, 0 COMMENTS
Tags: Australia, Perth, Groundwater Replenishment, Desalination, Aquifer, Recycle, Recharge, Blue Planet, Earth, Drinking Water
Ever wondered how we, on the so-called 'blue planet', where more than 70% of the planet is made up of water, could ever be lacking in the blue stuff to actually drink? Of all the water on the Earth, almost 97.5% is contained in seas and oceans, which is undrinkable without treatment. The remaining water is freshwater but over half of that water is frozen...