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Something in The Water

Posted By: ADMIN, 19 August 2016, 0 COMMENTS
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The Olympics of 2016 are now well underway and whilst the medals have been stacking up for some of the countries taking part (well done Team GB!) the Games are still being plagued with problems. We spoke in our last post of some of the troubles that have dogged the Games this year and it seems that despite a successful opening ceremony the problems just keep on coming...
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Rio 2016 Plagued by Problems

Posted By: ADMIN, 05 August 2016, 0 COMMENTS
Tags: Rio, Olympics, Brazil, Rio 2016, Zika, water, Murder, Protest, Team GB, Freak Waves
This is our 100th blog post and today is the day of the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics. The lead up to the event has been filled with controversy, with doping allegations, athletes being banned. This is just concerning the athletes themselves, there are also serious concerns over violence, gun crime and attacks are common with around 60,000 people murdered in 2014 alone...

Can You Eat Your Daily Intake of Water?

Posted By: ADMIN, 22 July 2016, 0 COMMENTS
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We all know that it is important to stay hydrated but is it possible to eat your daily intake of water rather than drink it? With the temperatures in the UK rising this week, now is as important as ever to make sure you stay hydrated. Some people struggle to drink just glass of water a day, never mind the old recommendation of eight glasses to keep the body hydrated! Some people just simply forget while others just don't like the taste of plain water...

How Safe is Your Tap Water?

Posted By: ADMIN, 01 July 2016, 0 COMMENTS
Tags: Flint, Water Crisis, Lead, Cooper, USA, EPA
We have written several times on this blog about the Flint water crisis, where people have been drinking water with high levels of lead and you'd be forgiven for thinking that this was just a one off in the United States but it seems that this is not the case. Stories out this week suggest that as many as 18 million Americans could have drank water which violates federal laws...
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Drowning Prevention Week 2016

Posted By: ADMIN, 24 June 2016, 0 COMMENTS
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This year's Drowning Prevention Week comes at a times when the temperatures are slowly edging up and people are more tempted to take a dip in open waters. This year the week takes place over 18th - 26th June and is ran by the Royal Life Saving Society UK. The shocking statistics for the UK say that at least one person drowns in the UK every 20 hours...