WaterAid Making a Difference in Mozambique

We have spoken before about the charity WaterAid and the work they do in countries where most people do not have access to clean, safe water. Recently they sent a worker from the Environment Agency to see exactly how money raised can make a difference.

Emily Gordon is a representative for the Environment Agency's corporate charity - WaterAid. She has helped raise money over the years to go to the charity and last month, she went on a life changing trip to see just how the money donated is helping to make a difference to those who most need it.

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Emily works as a hydrology technical officer for the Environment Agency travelled to Mozambique in Southern Africa along with nine others from different organisations in the water sector.

The group visited several WaterAid projects including one in Tchonissa, where most people have no choice but to use and drink dirty water. Speaking on her experience there, Emily has the following to say;

"The water was horrific, it was murky with dead worms in it, and there were cows drinking and defecating in it nearby – I couldn’t believe my eyes. In this day and age people should not have to go through this suffering just to get water, which everyone is entitled to – it made me feel sad and angry. The good news is that WaterAid’s plans for this village included a solar-powered water pump which will bring fresh clean water very soon."

Whilst in Mozambique the representatives from the water sector also took part in demonstrations at local schools to ensure children know how to wash their hands correctly. The school children also sand songs about hygiene and performed plays. 52% of people in Mozambique do not have access to clean water, that's around 13 million people.

Many people around the world not only do not have access to safe, clean drinking water, they also don't have access to a toilet. Something that many of us in Europe, take for granted.

Emily helped to build a toilet for an elderly couple, so they no longer have to ask their neighbours if they can use theirs. 

"For the first time ever, they no longer have to ask to use their neighbour's toilet. From now on, this simple latrine will bring them dignity, privacy, safety and better sanitation."

This may not sound a lot to most people reading this blog but a private toilet will make the world of difference in a place like Mozambique.

The figures from WaterAid are shocking, they say that around 4200 children die each year in Mozambique from diarrhoea, caused by drinking unsafe water.

It is good to hear that money donated is making a difference. For more information please take a look at the WaterAid website.

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November 15, 2016
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