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Have you ever wondered why your coffee tastes different when you are at a friends house? Ever noticed that even though it's the same coffee you have at home, it's just not the same?

Image result for coffeeWell it's most likely down to the water being used. The taste can be affected by a number of things, from recent rainfall to soil type. These things can dramatically change the taste of your cuppa.

It now seems that those of us who take coffee drinking very seriously are looking at the water we use, to further improve the taste of coffee. 

There is a company which sells dissolvable tablets to remineralise your water by adding minerals including calcium, magnesium and sodium. According to Third Wave Water, doing this will ensure that your water is the best it can be for coffee-drinking.

The tablets are just added to water where they dissolve and then you can make your Image result for watercoffee as you normally would. Each tablet costs around 82p so it is a fairly expensive way of improving the taste of your water.

Of course there are other ways of doing a similar thing to your water including filter systems which can add minerals to your water. 

We already stock filters to remove chlorine from tap water, chlorine is used as a disinfectant to ensure your water is safe and clean when it reaches your home. However, it can leave a chemical taste and smell to your water which many people don't like.

Would you consider adding minerals to your water in order to get the perfect coffee? Or do you think your coffee is fine just as it is? 

With so many premium coffee brands around now, do you think this is just a fad or something we have been missing from our coffee? Please leave your comments below.

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February 08, 2017
In: Industry News, Food and Drink Recipes
Tags: Coffee, water, Minerals, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, tablets, dissolve, Third Wave Water


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