Hamburg Bans Single Use Coffee Capsules

Many of use now have coffee machines in our homes or at least had a drink made from one. We have all seen someone with their shiny new coffee machine wanting to show how quickly their machine can make a cappuccino with a frothy topping. We watch as they offer up a selection of different coffees from a box of coffee pods / capsules, the coffee appears as if from nowhere and the capsule is casually tossed in the bin. Do we ever think where that capsule goes? Not often I don't think. Well this is not the case in Hamburg, Germany where local authorities have been banned from purchasing and using the pods in offices because these little pods are actually very difficult to recycle. Germany is very big on recycling and if there is something that can be recycled they will. Every thing from water bottles to batteries have their own recycling rules. Jens Kerstan is Hamburg's senator for the environment and he says:
"With a purchasing power of several hundred millions of euros per annum, the city can help ensure that environmentally harmful products are purchased less frequently."
The coffee pods are often made using a mixture of materials including plastic and aluminium, this paired with the left over coffee inside makes them very difficult to process in recycling plants. It's not just in Germany that people think these capsules are a problem. In the United Kingdom a survey found that one in ten Brits think the pods are bad for the environment whilst 10% of these people actually own a machine! So what is the solution? Well bean-to-cup machines are becoming more popular, these machines do not need the coffee capsules and do exactly as they say; take the coffee beans and produce a cup of coffee. Do you own a coffee pod machine? Do you worry about recycling the pods? Please leave your comments below.
February 26, 2016
In: Industry News
Tags: Coffee, Coffee Pods, Coffee Capsules, Recycling, Germany, Hamburg, Bean to Cup


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