Cold Water Better Than Hot Water?

Do you prefer your water room temperature or ice cold?


Whichever way you prefer your water, there can be some benefits from having ice cold water on tap, not just drinking water too!


If you can stand it, a cold shower can help you burn calories more quickly. This is because when your body gets in contact with cold water it starts working harder to bring your temperature back to normal. As your body warms, your metabolism can increase up to 550% compared to resting level.


So if you fancy burning a few calories, try a cold shower!


Image result for katharine hepburnA cold shower, also known as a 'James Bond Shower' was favoured by Katherine Hepburn. The actress put her high energy levels down to taking a cold shower. 


Also, the cold water can have benefits for the hair and skin. As hot water has a tendency to dry outImage result for ice cube skin, where as cold water can cause pores to tighten, meaning that dirt is less likely to clog the pores - improving appearance of the skin.


The cold water can also improve the appearance of your hair. Hair washed in cold water can appear shinier, stronger and healthier. We would recommend also having filtered water as the chlorine added to mains water can be irritating to hair and skin. There are many options whether you want just a filter in the showerhead itself or you can choose to treat all of the water in your home with a whole house system.


Image result for ice bathWe have all seen or heard about athletes and sportsmen taking ice baths, why do they do this? Well, it’s thought that the exposure to cold helps to combat small tears in muscle fibres. These small tears can cause soreness so in stopping the pain, the athlete is able to continue competing or playing their sport. The cold can also reduce swelling. 


As well as all these benefits there have been studies to show that taking a dip in cold water can help with stress and depression. 


So if you can stand it, why not take a cold shower and see if you notice any benefits!


Do you drink only cold water or perhaps wash with cold water? Have you seen any benefits? If so, please leave your comments and tips below!

January 10, 2017
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