Cartoon Camel Teaches How to Save Water

If you have children you might be aware of GabiH2O. For those of you who are not lucky enough to have come across this rapping legend, allow me to  introduce you...

Gabi is a camel and star of a national campaign, sponsored by United Utilities and Southern Water, to get the country - in particular, children, saving water. Launched in May of 2012,  it is estimated that Gabi has helped to save around 540 million litres of water in UK homes. How was this possible? GabiH2O partnered with Nickelodeon UK, a satellite TV channel for children. Gabi starred in 30-60 seconds adverts, these ads were shown on Nickelodeon about 3 times a day. Around 5.5 million people, a mixture of children and adults watched as Gabi rapped water saving tips to the nation with the hope of the tips sinking in, which they did. The parents who didn't see the adverts got to hear about them, there were school assemblies dedicated to GabiH2O, children were encouraged to play water and energy-saving top trumps and download online games from the GabiH2O website. Teaching resources were available to teachers including posters and cards. The website, which received around 315,000 page views, has a section with water saving tips for children but cleverly, for parents too:
"Use a bucket when washing your car - not a hose"
I can't imagine many primary school children owning their own cars so this particular tip would be passed on to parents via pester power, or nagging as it is known in our house. Even if washing the car with a hose is quicker, a parent couldn't disagree that a bucket would use less water. Not switching to using a bucket after a child has suggested it would result in the "Why?" game. No parent enjoys that. As well as the learning materials, children were given the chance to win prizes, from water saving devices to adopting a camel! The whole campaign had praise from MP, Richard Benyon;
“I’m really impressed by the engagement with children, and the use of water as a medium for learning. It’s an incredibly powerful tool. I want to make sure that across government we are supporting this kind of initiative.”
Waterwise is the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK and Europe. Waterwise were involved in helping to develop the water saving devices sold on the GabiH2O website. The devices include; a shower head that delivers water at an optimum flow of 7.6 litres per minute, and not 12, 15 or even 25 litres per minute, which is common in many households. There are also shower timers and tap aerator's designed to save you water and energy, which in turn saves you money on your bills.

Waterwise Misson:

Water will be used wisely every day, everywhere

The team behind Gabi have won several awards including; UK Water Efficiency Award for Campaigns and Education, a Gold Winner in the Retail Utility category at the UK Green Apple Environment Awards and most recently, the team scooped The Sustainable Water Industry Group (SWIG) Communications Award. GabiH2O has now crossed the Atlantic and is spreading water saving advice in America. Have your children mentioned Gabi? What do you think of this approach to encouraging us to save more water?    
May 19, 2014
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