Clearer Water With PolyGlu

PolyGlu is a coagulant made from fermented soybeans which sticks to dirt in water and makes it sink to the bottom.

Videos of this product in action are quite amazing, the speed at which it works is impressive, transforming murky, brown water into clear water in less than a minute. Of course, just because the water is clear, it does not mean that it is safe to drink without further treatment / filtering.

Just one gram of the powder can treat up to 5 litres of water. The powder is made by a small Japanese firm called Nippon Poly-Glu Co. The worksorce is only around 30 people and already the product is helping some of those most in need. 

In Somalia the powder is used with chlorine to help clean the water supplied to the people there. It is already helping to lower cases of illness and diarrhoea. 

Whilst in the UK we have water treatment plants to treat the water coming into our homes, not everyone is so lucky. Millions of people all over the world have to drink and wash in water that they know is likely to cause them to become ill or even eventually take their lives.

I think something like PolyGlu is a great invention and in the future it may become more widely available to those who really need it. 

Kanetoshi Oda is the chairman of Nippon Poly-Glu Co. and he hopes to continue helping the people in Somalia who are living in desperate conditions.

Have you seen PolyGlu in action? What do you think of this product? Do you think it is something we will see being used more often? Please leave your comments below!

July 17, 2017
In: Industry News
Tags: PolyGlu, Poly Glu, Dirt, Sediment, Illness, Diarrhoea, Somalia, Nippon Poly Glu Co., Japan Water


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