About Us

FilterLogic is a brand owned by Pozzani Pure Water plc (www.pozzani.co.uk) - Pozzani have been involved in the production of water filter cartridges and systems in the UK since 1987 making us by FAR one of the more experienced players in the market when it comes to water filtration.

In 2004 we saw the popularity of the side by side fridges increasing sharply and started importing manufacturers original filters realising the demand for cheaper prices than those obtainable within Europe. As time progressed we also saw the customers were becoming aggravated at what they saw as being 'unfair' pricing policies for these filters - Filters costing upwards of fifty pounds wasn't uncommon and people kept asking 'why not make an alternative?'

Our FilterLogic FL293, which fits inside Samsung fridges, was our first attempt and was met with excellent approval from customers, cutting the cost of their replacement cartridges by almost fifty percent at 2009 prices. We extended this range to Maytag and GE (due to the similarity of the cartridges and the ability to share components) and NOW can offer nineteen different filters fitting fridges from Bosch to Whirlpool.

We build our products on the back of quality, we inspect our production lines (which are overseas), we check the tooling, we refine designs and we are heavily involved in the engineering of our products from sketch through to final build. We believe FilterLogic offers the consumer the best trade off between price and quality available in the UK and not only that we back this with something relatively unique.

Unlike many companies these days you can ring us on 01507 608100 and someone WILL answer the phone, they WILL be able to find your order, they will be able to answer questions and if you have technical problems, hey, we have a technical support department with time served water filtration engineers. Pozzani employ twenty-three staff, we operate three warehouses, we have invested in central European distribution and logistics (as well as our operations in the UK) and we are always moving forward with innovative new products and ranges which are selected and designed by people who know the market!

Filter Logic and the Filter Logic logo are trademarks of Stephen Robin Malloney, Home Farm, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 8NP, used under license by Pozzani Pure Water Ltd